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Since 1856…. A 5th Generation Tradition

Rose Jewelers La Crosse, Wisconsin

George B Rose, dean of La Crosse jewelers, was born in Nordhausen, Germany, October 30 1830. At the age of 21, he came to America and established himself at Poughkeepsie, New York. The westward movement was a challenge for him, and he followed the rail lines ” as far west as possible.” In 1856, the rail lines ended in the La Crosse, and he established his business on the North side of Pearl Street, the towns business center. In 1881, the business was moved to 310 Main Street. After 79 years of operating at this location, the business was again changed ( In 1960) to the address of 111 5th Ave South. The most recent move was in 1989 to the corner of 5th and Main Street.