The Rose Files

The Rose Files, dating back to well before the 1900’s, an are extraordinary collection of stories from people who have purchased jewelry from Rose Jewelers over the years. The Rose Files continue to grab the attention of people from all walks of life throughout the Coulee Region.

Downtown La Crosse is full of rich history and Rose Jewelers has been part of that history for over 160 years! Generations of families have purchased fine jewelry and we share those stories in what we call The Rose Files.

We want to hear your love stories! We want to hear the love stories of your parents, your grandparents or your great grandparents! How did they meet? What was their courtship like? What was their life together like?



Listen to The Rose Files

Kennedy…..Remembering her Father

Eco Friendly Diamonds…another symbol of love.

A string of memories:

A story involving a string of pearls passed down thru the years.

160 years in business

Fascinating to think our business has existed this long.

Sarah and Terry:

After many years, they finally got married.

Keeping Tradition:

Generations of families make Rose Jewelers the destination to buy jewelry.

Only Have Eyes for You:

Two people connect with their eyes in a crowded classroom at medical school. Days later they meet in person and eventually they get married.

Changing Times:

Since 1856 many notable landmarks and events shaped the city into what it is today.

A Rare Find:

Our Founder, Walter Rose, and the Black Pearl.

Love Business:

160 years of gifts that celebrate “love.