Jewelry Repair and Remounting

No matter how careful you are, all fine jewelry needs some form of servicing over time to keep it well maintained and looking like new. That’s where our jewelry repair services can come in handy. Our in-house Goldsmith, Jordan Rose, specializes in many types of jewelry repair and restoration including ring resizing, soldering of broken chains and bracelets, diamond resetting, and custom jewelry design. We can repair almost anything that is broken or unusable and our repairs, rest assured, are done in store. In store repair is not the same as done locally. In store repair means your jewelry does not leave our store. Jordan Rose, our expert Goldsmith, is family and cares for every piece while it is in his possession.   

Even if you did not originally purchase your jewelry at Rose Jewelers, you can take full advantage of our jewelry repair and remounting services.

Remount Your Jewelry

Whether your personal styles have changed or your old jewelry is beyond repair, you can transform your old jewelry into new with our remounting services.  Jordan can remount or reset your ring to give it a completely new custom look by:

  • Adding diamonds
  • Adding a larger center stone
  • Adding colored gemstones
  • Upgrading the setting 

Our in-house Goldsmith, Jordan Rose, at work on repairs.

Our in-house Goldsmith, Jordan Rose, at work on repairs.